Statue + Cowboy - 3 Songs by Statue + Cowboy (demo) - 2010

Genre: Noise Pop/Shoegaze


Okay, so I've been recording lately, and this is an early result of what I've been doing. It's something like a noisier Beat Happening or Black Tambourine, but I take influence from bands like that, black metal, and everything in between. Expect to hear songs about longing, distance, and nostalgia.

So please take a listen, and if you like it and have a blog or something feel free to post this.


Abner Jay - The True Story of Abner Jay

Genre: Blues/Folk


This album was getting around the blogosphere a few months ago, but a few months ago I didn't have a blog...

Abner Jay was a traveling one man band active throughout the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and he's the only blues musician I really listen to much. His individual take on songwriting will take you through topics such as depression, drug use, and war.


Black Tambourine - Complete Recordings - (1989-1991)

Genre: Shoegaze/Twee


It seems as though me and my good friend at Five Songs have had this album on repeat for the past week or so.

Black Tambourine has a unique sound that is somewhere between shoegaze, punk, and twee pop that manages to be dreamy and yet keep somewhat raw production values.

Their musical career was short. These songs are all they recorded and they only played a few shows in the early 90s.


Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow - (2010)

Genre: Ambient/Depressive Black Metal


I'm going to go ahead and say this album is somewhat average. Nothing blew me away here and it's not a necessary listen, however by no means is it a "bad" album. The tracks "This Abyss Holds the Mirror" and "Hiver De Glace" did stand out to me. Despite not being overly impressed by this album I thought I would share this though since I made an earlier post about the addition of Marissa Nadler to Xasthur in this album.

According to Scott Conner's blog this is the last Xasthur album that will be released. I honestly don't have a problem with that. He's been doing the same thing for years now, and I think branching out of the black metal genre will prove to be an interesting listen.

This album prominently features a non-black metal artist, Marissa Nadler. Her ethereal vocals add a haunting, dreamy atmosphere to the music. She was definitely a good choice to add on this album. I'm not sure how much I would like it if she wasn't on it, but then again I've never been a huge Xasthur fan in the first place.


Coloração Desbotada – Eu, eu mesmo e os vários beijos cafeinados - (2010)

Genre: lo-fi/Shoegaze/noise pop

PUG Records

I saw this over at Bolachas the other day and thought it would be good based on the genre description. So I'm relaying it to you. There doesn't seem to be much info on this band, but they play a good low fidelity shoegaze. Their record label is new as well, and you can order the tape of this album there.