Alcest/Les Discrets - Split - (2009)

Genre: Shoegaze/Black Metal/Post-Rock

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I'll be gone for the weekend, so I figured I would leave you with a serious post and something to download.

Both Alcest and Les Discrets have new full lengths coming out next month, so here's the split of theirs that came out last November. Alcest brings a bit of black metal influence back in this as opposed to Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde, with unclean vocals back in the mix. Les Discrets have a good post-rock sound and is the project of a member of Amesoeurs. I'm looking forward to hearing more of their material when the full length comes out.


Hakenkreuz Nocturna - Eternal Introspective Winter - (2006)

Genre: Cold Depressive Black Metal


Monotonous, and atmospheric, Eternal Introspective Winter is the first and only full length album from Italy's Hakenkreuz Nocturna.

I think my favorite thing about this album is that it reminds me of an atmospheric Transilvanian Hunger. The production values are pretty raw (always a plus), the guitar play pretty simple but effective melodies that still manage to show emotion, the vocals are quite grim, and the drums make good use of fast/blast beats, and slow passages.

There isn't one bad song on this album, an overall solid release. It's too bad this band has broken up.


Burzum - Belus - (2010)

Genre: Ambient Black Metal



It's finally here. Belus is here. I literally got this about 20 minutes ago and as I'm writing this I'm just getting done with the third track "Glemselens Elv", so I don't have much to say yet. The first real song is a new version of the first track off of Daudi Baldr. The vocals are a little bit different from previous albums as it is only natural that a voice changes with age, but the vocals have never been the focus of this music.

As Varg has stated in interviews, this album definitely has a Hvis Lysett Tar Oss/Filosofem feel to it, but it is in no way a copy of either one. As I'm now half way through the 4th track I'm becoming more and more pleased with this album. Burzum is back and with a new unique sound, and so far it's everything I've hoped for.

Because of the respect I hold for Varg I urge everyone to pre-order Belus here.


This Could Be Interesting...

Xasthur and Marissa Nadler collaboration. We'll have the atmospheric black metal of Xasthur with the ethereal vocals of the folksie Marissa Nadler. I'm looking forward to hearing this intriguing collaboration whenever it comes out.

Anyone want to share their thoughts on this?



Strid - End of Life - (1993)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal


Far ahead of their time, Strid can be considered the pioneers of the depressive black metal sub-genre. They've released 3 songs in total. First this tape, with one 11 minute song entitled End of Life, and a two song EP simply called Strid.

This is recommended of you're curious about the beginnings of the ever growing depressive black metal genre.


Ildjarn - Forest Poetry - (1996)

Genre: Raw Black Metal


Ildjarn, in my opinion, is one of the more respectful bands from Norwegian scene in the early 90's. A one man band, Ildjarn plays a very raw, minimalist style of black metal. This album in particular is very raw to the point that it's unlistenable to most, and most of the songs sound quite similar, but in this case it just makes the album as a whole stand out more.

Ildjarn recorded until 1997, and officially ended in 2005. The main motivation for ending the band is that his 4-track broke.


Through The Pain - Time Heals Nothing - (2009)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal



This is the first full length from Through The Pain. Here we have four tracks of slow, depressing black metal that at times is somehow hopeful. Dwell In Agony and Absence of Will are the two tracks that stand out.

A great debut full length for fans of depressive black metal.


Velvet Cacoon - Genevieve - (2004)

Genre: Ambient Black Metal


55 minutes of trance educing droned out ambient black metal. Portland's Velvet Cacoon is one of the most notorious controversial black metal bands in the modern scene, but blah blah blah, we've heard it all a million times. They're one of my favorite bands and this album in particular is one that originally sparked my interest in black metal.

Guitar noise will drone on and on as the drums pound on the down beats while Josh, sounding like Gollum, will whisper strange incantations.

I highly recommend this one if you don't already have it. In my opinion, the best ambient black metal album of last decade.


Recording and other things

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I attend a university and midterms are coming up, so I haven't had much time to post things.

In other news, not too long ago I received a 4-track recorder from my uncle. I've been recording while I can and when I finish another song or two I'll be sure to post my stuff on here.