Leech - Against Leviathain! - (2007)

Genre: Cascadian Black Metal


I got this and Leech's first demo at a show about a month ago. 35 minutes of nature inspired music from one of Cascadia's better bands. This demo is comprised of two tracks with 3 bonus tracks, two of which are live songs, and the last being a speech.


Gnome - Under The Black Moon - (1996)

Genre: Ambient Black Metal


I suppose I'm posting again now. Especially now that I'm predominantly listening to black metal again. Hello black metal, it's me. Sorry for betraying you.

Gnome is a mysterious one man black metal band from Japan. Two demos and a split were released in the bands career. Under the Black Moon is arguably the strongest release.

Two tracks span 25 minutes in this demo, the first being a black metal song called "La Foret", and the second is an ambient song titled "La Mer". The songs are long but not in any way boring and the production gives an atmosphere that makes me wish there was more recorded material from this project.