Korium/Trist(Cze) - Split- (2007)

Genre: Raw/Atmospheric Black Metal (Korium) - Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal (Trist)

Info (Korium)
Info (Trist)

First off I'm mostly just posting this two song split for the Trist track. So, this starts off with the Korium track called Drowned in the Lake of Marble Crosses. This is raw atmospheric black metal with a much heavier sound than what you'll hear on the Trist song. The vocals are lower growls, and the guitar provides some alright riffs throughout its 13 minute length. Overall, nothing really blew me away on this one.

Now, as just mentioned the Trist song is why I'm posting this. It's titled Snění, which translates to "Dreams" or "Dreaming" in Czech, and this alone is a good description of the song. It's very dreamy, the guitar drones on and on throughout in a way that reminds me somewhat of the song "To Here Knows When" by My Bloody Valentine at times. The screams are painful, and the drums and guitars monotonous. Although Trist is put into the "Depressive" black metal category the riffs here are contemplative and in a way, uplifting.

This is highly recommended for the beautiful song Snění by Trist.

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