Burzum - Belus - (2010)

Genre: Ambient Black Metal



It's finally here. Belus is here. I literally got this about 20 minutes ago and as I'm writing this I'm just getting done with the third track "Glemselens Elv", so I don't have much to say yet. The first real song is a new version of the first track off of Daudi Baldr. The vocals are a little bit different from previous albums as it is only natural that a voice changes with age, but the vocals have never been the focus of this music.

As Varg has stated in interviews, this album definitely has a Hvis Lysett Tar Oss/Filosofem feel to it, but it is in no way a copy of either one. As I'm now half way through the 4th track I'm becoming more and more pleased with this album. Burzum is back and with a new unique sound, and so far it's everything I've hoped for.

Because of the respect I hold for Varg I urge everyone to pre-order Belus here.

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